Goalie Pad Rebound Test

Hockey companies always advertise that their goalie pads produce the biggest rebounds. So far there hasn’t really been anyone doing independent testing of this and it all came down to which company’s marketing team got to the most people or anecdotal evidence from personal experiences.

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Now, since I invested in a Boni Puck Machine so I can do different equipment tests, there is at least something available to see how well different pads work in terms of how big (or small) the rebounds they give off are. Below is my introduction to the Boni machine.

I want to make it absolutely clear that this testing method is not scientific and it does not produce consistent enough results for me to be happy with. These results shouldn’t be used as the definitive answer or data towards which company makes the biggest rebounding pad. The Boni puck machine, the radar gun, and the entire testing setup has too many variables and is too inconsistent to really give solid results and accurate data.

With that said, I feel like this data is still useful and we can see how pads react when pucks hit them. For all of these rebound tests the Boni is set to 65 Volts, which produces pucks at a speed of around 50-60mph (yes it is that inconsistent).

Initial Group Pad Test

In the first video I go through all of the pads I had on me at the time, which include (in order of appearance) Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic, CCM Axis, Bauer Vapor 2X Pro, Warrior Ritual G5 Pro, JRZ Fusion, Brian’s Optik 2, Bauer Vapor Hyperlite.

I will continue to add videos and information to this post with the more pads I test! Check back for more, but I will notify people on Instagram/YouTube about updates to this!

True 12.2 Rebound Test

Firstly, I have to give a huge thanks to Just Hockey for letting me use this demo set. Go check them out for your hockey needs and let them know you came from Hockey Reviews. Would show them support for helping me make this content!

Without getting into a full review of the True 12.2 goalie pads, these pads are an interesting design and will be the first pad tested that have knee rolls. These pads have the “Stiff” core design which means they should have bigger rebounds than True’s/Lefevre’s “Soft” core design but they still have knee rolls which should deaden pucks that hit them. Watch the video and the conclusion at the end to see what I found with the results.

It was very evident that the knee rolls do have a significant effect on the way pucks bounce off of them, anything on the edges or corners become unpredictable and generally slow down considerably.

The below chart will be updated when I add more pads, as well as more videos will be added to this page.

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2 thoughts on “Goalie Pad Rebound Test

  1. Hey, I really enjoy your content, specifically your goalie gear reviews. Could you do a video showing or comparing differences between pro and retail pads? For example, 3X to hyperlite, 3S to ultrasonic.

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