Vaughn 7600/7800 Foam Core Goalie Stick Review

Usage time: 6 Months
Price: I paid $30
Retail: $110

Stick History: Simmons Pro Series 6, Torspo Surge 421, Warrior Swagger

Initial Thoughts: When I got this stick I figured I was getting a cheaply made value stick. Since Vaughn doesn’t a lot of usage in the NHL and other leagues I figured this was just Vaughn releasing something with their name on it. Considering I got it for the price of $30 my thoughts of cheapness were just reaffirmed more.

Construction: This is a foam core stick with a reinforced paddle and reinforced blade. The blade is similar to how the Warrior Swagger blade is constructed but the paddle uses strips of composites.

Weight: Compared to the other sticks I have reviewed this one feels slightly less heavy than the Warrior Swagger but it is heavier than the Torspo and Simmons. That said it feels really well balanced and the weight never hinders performance. 8/10

Shooting: I’ve mentioned before that with the Simmons Miller Curve I was able to easily shoot the puck off the glass, this stick I cannot do that, but all of my shots felt harder and this stick was easier to pass with than the Simmons one was. With the Simmons stick I felt that shots sacrificed power for height. I have never been more comfortable shooting with a stick than with this Vaughn. From shooting to stick handling this stick has been my favourite and go to goalie stick since I started using it. 10/10

Performance: Since this stick isn’t as light as the Simmons and Torspo I feel that I am slightly less active with the Vaughn. My movements with it are just slightly slower because of the added weight. That said I do not feel as sluggish with this compared to the Warrior Swagger. Unlike the Warrior I am not hesitant when using this stick to block passes or make poke checks. The rebound control is fantastic and I have never felt the vibrations that the Warrior Swagger caused. Hard shots to the blade and the paddle simply deflect off with no discomfort or noticeable vibrations. 9/10

Durability: Now this is a tough category to review and rate because this stick is fantastic in the sense that it has never gotten soft and is still as stiff as the day I got it, but at the same time the paint is like the Torspo and laughably bad. Unlike the Simmons and the Torspo this stick has stayed firm and stiff, it doesn’t flex like the Simmons does and the blade feels just like it did the day I got it even after getting hit with slapshots. Shooting this stick feels fantastic and it hasn’t gotten whippier at all since my first time using it. The stick has dents and chips like any stick gets but nothing out of the ordinary or anything to report on. Now the paint on this stick is pathetically bad like the Torspo paint. The paddle and shaft rub off on my blocker palm and pads while the shaft paint chips often and frequently (which actually shows the reinforced paddle construction). I don’t understand why this stick would be pained when it looks fantastic bare (as can be seen on the total goalie site Vaughn 7800 Foam Core Goalie Stick [senior] | Total Goalie Equipment) but this stick was a retail store special model which would explain the colour choice. 10/10 Physical, 1/10 Paint

Overall: Like I said earlier, this stick is my go to stick since I started using it. It has a fantastic balance between weight and durability that no stick I have used can match. The performance hasn’t degraded one bit since using it and the only problem I have with it is the terrible paint job. This is the first stick that I have considered purchasing at the full price (although I would only do so if it wasn’t painted). Performance of the stick is one of the best I have used and considering this stick has never gotten soft or more flexible (unlike the slightly better performing Simmons stick) I feel the slight reduction in performance is worth it for the huge increase in durability. Even with the paint issues I still want to come back to this stick again and again, but I’d highly recommend staying away from painted versions of the Vaughn 7600/7800 sticks.
Ignoring Paint: $30: 10/10, $110: 9.5/10
With Paint: $30: 9/10, $110: 5/10

The paddle showing all of the paint chips, notice the large amount where the index finger rests.

The sizing and model specifics.

Showing off a dent in the handle created by a puck.

Paint chips show off the reinforced paddle.

Ridiculous paint chips and paint rubbing off near the finger area.

Another very clean paint chip after a paddle save.

Blade is in great shape and the only wear is pant and the tape. There is no peeling of the blade at all.

Another paddle indent, I find the edge indents are not splintering as badly compared to other sticks I have used.

Showing off the “mid curve”.


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