Warrior Ritual Goalie Jock Review


Initial Thoughts:
I decided to get this jock after looking at the Bauer Pro jock, Simmons Air Bladder jock, and Vaughn Double Cup (can’t remember the model). The Warrior seemed to have more features and to cover more area than the Bauer. I felt the Vaughn and Simmons lacking in quality of materials, they both felt well made but cheap in what they were constructed with. I also really liked the velcro strap attachment system the Warrior has, as previously I couldn’t get the straps tight enough or to stay tight, with this system I have no worries.
The jock was pretty much perfect out of the box. A few stitches loose that I show in the video but that is it. (Rating: 9/10)

With every other jock I have used the elastic straps would come loose or I couldn’t adjust the leg harness enough to make the jock fit comfortably. In my previous jock wasn’t nearly as wide as the Warrior, and that caused some pinching in desperation saves and just didn’t feel like it fit right. The fact that all the straps are connected with a strong velcro (I actually have problems pulling it off sometimes) make this easy to adjust for a great fit. It also has a removable liner so you can wear your own jock underneath if you prefer. It is quite bulky and feels almost too big in my goalie pants when sitting in the dressing room, but once on the ice I have never even noticed it or had to adjust anything down there. 10/10

I used to feel shots with my old cup, I knew they weren’t damaging but it felt like my crotch got crushed by the impact. Other times I would make a desperation save and land on my stomach or directly on my jock, and this caused issues. When this happened the jock sometimes pinched down there or flat out smushed everything quite hard against my body. Playing with this I have taken hard shots directly to it, and have made the same desperation saves as before. I can still feel when I land on the jock or get hit, but it is the same as feeling a puck hit your pads, no pain or discomfort. 10/10

This jock is noticeably larger and lighter than my very old Heaton 4 Model. Honestly weight wasn’t a big factor when I was picking out a jock and I never compared this models to other before I purchased it. Since I wanted to do this review I have picked up other jocks at retail stores for very quick “hands on” weighing. I couldn’t see a huge difference between this and the other jocks out there. I found the Bauer Pro and Vaughn Double Cup both slightly lighter. The Bauer felt smaller in coverage than the Warrior and the Vaughn felt less “thick”. Basically the Vaughn felt like it had more empty space of air and more loose materials than the Warrior and Bauer did. Because this Warrior isn’t the lightest but is light enough to not hinder movements or become noticeable I’ll give it an 8.5/10

The elastic straps are something I always worry about with new equipment as they were out and become too stretchy. These straps seem very heavy duty in comparison to what I have tried on before, especially the big around the back strap. I can’t see this issue happening on this jock. I did find a few threads near the velcro to be loose and I am worried that these will pull out over time (especially being near the velcro). I am also wor/ried that the velcro will rip the sides of the jock (this is explained in the video). Lastly I do not really like how the front floating piece is dent-able. In another thread I asked Warrior about this and they said it is nothing to be worried about and doesn’t effect the protection of the cup at all. This is something I will keep looking out for, and I’d prefer if it didn’t happen but I can live with it. 8.5/10

As I have mentioned earlier, this jock incorporates really well with the Ritual Pants and Chest Protector. I love how its waist straps come completely off quickly and strap back on easily. With my large and bulky Reebok knee pads (that have a garter belt) I now have 3 different things strapping around my waist: 1: Jock, 2: Sock holders. 3: Knee pads. With this feature I don’t have to worry about slipping the jock’s straps over the giant knee pads or pulling the knee pads’ garter belt through the jock’s leg straps. 10/10

I am extremely satisfied with this jock. I can see it lasting a long time and it is one of the only piece of equipment I have bought at full price $79.99. I think it is worth every penny and would recommend it to everyone. 47/50 or 9.4/10

I will continue to post updates here if I notice anything happening with it. Feel free to ask any questions.

Edited just now by Hills


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