Bauer 1S OD1N Knee Pad Preview

There will be an updated post to this very shortly. After getting hit in the knee on a weak shot and it leaving a small welt I can no longer recommend these knee pads at all. Unfortunately it has taken a few months for me to find the weak spots of these knee pads.

The video is before I used them, and the comments below are after I have had some time with them on the ice. Check the links below for some additional discussion.

I can still feel the lock strap at the bottom and it is just as annoying and uncomfortable as the older Supreme model I had before.
The bump above the G-Form I mentioned was also noticeable and was slightly annoying… but it wasn’t bad enough for me to start to think not to wear these.
I never noticed the G-Form while playing so I’ll have to pay attention to that more as time goes on. Unfortunately not a tonne of ice time as a goalie for me in the summer.
They were comfortable besides that and I never felt them shifting or getting in the way at all, I was relatively happy with them.


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