Fischer GF750 Foam Core Goalie Stick Initial Review

Length: 27inch
Curve: 41

Stick History: Heaton Helite IV, CCM Heaton 8, Simmons Pro Series 6, Torspo Surge 421, Warrior Swagger, Vaughn 7600, Fischer GF750
Weight: 850 grams
Usage: 2 Games

I saw the Fischer GF750 stick posted on GGSU with the really nice and interesting Czech Flag design and contacted the company representative for more information. A few days later and this stick was in my hands. One of the big reasons I was interested was the option to get custom graphics added to the stick when you order a custom 3 pack. The sticks are fairly priced to begin with and the added bonus of custom graphics really interested me, the Czech design is a fantastic one and I always have a soft spot for international hockey (I am sure you noticed by the jerseys I have been wearing).

Now it has been a while since I used a brand new goalie stick as I tend to keep using my sticks until they physically fall apart, so using this has not only been a great experience so far but it has been such a huge difference from what I have been used to for the past year. Upon arrival I did a thorough inspection of the stick, as I do with every piece of equipment I get, and was impressed by craftsmanship and quality. I really like the gloss shaft, something my previous stick didn’t have because of the chipping paint and I always love being able to see the carbon reinforcement.

Now this stick isn’t the lightest stick foam core stick I have ever felt, but it feels much more solid than those sticks that lack reinforcement (and have a tendency to become flimsy fast, see my Simmons stick review) and still feels well balanced. One of the surprising things upon inspection was learning that this stick is made in the Ukraine, which was a surprise from the usual Canada, Finland and China destinations.

Since making the video I have used the stick twice, so I cannot comment on durability and make real opinions but I can comment on some things that I have noticed so far. The Fischer GF750 feels well balanced while playing and making the switch didn’t throw me off at all, it is light enough that I have not noticed it hinder my movements in anyway but is balanced enough that I always know where the blade is positioned. I’ve had issues in the past with lightweight player sticks that feel like you are playing with just a shaft, but that isn’t an issue here. Rebound control has been great so far, the GF750 gives good feedback while not causing issues with vibrations and I can tell exactly where a puck hit. The curve is something I am going to have to get adjusted too. I am not a great shooter to begin with and I am used to shooting pucks more off of the heel, which I have found to not work great with this curve so far and my shots were much harder and more accurate when the puck was positioned more in the center of the blade.

So far there is no visible damage on the stick besides puck marks, and I’ll keep posting updates here in regards to my experiences. I am really enjoying my time so far with the Fischer GF750.

Currently the best way to order them is to contact David Tripodo on Facebook, or email him at

The custom graphics that I love.

Sorry about the blurry photo… I didn’t realize it was this bad until I uploaded it.

I really like the design, which is kept to a minimal with their logo on the toe of the stick.

Again I like their logo, and the IIHF decal is great for me and my love of international hockey.

Made in Ukraine was a surprise to me.

Length and Curve labeling.

Toe of the blade.

Edge of the shaft.

Shaft and paddle connection point. This is smooth to the touch.

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4 thoughts on “Fischer GF750 Foam Core Goalie Stick Initial Review

  1. Matt you can contact Wingman Sports, directly for Dave (905)-716-7227 he will be happy to help you get what you need.

  2. Thank you for the positive comments on our stick, if you need any further info from our side, please let us know. Also note the average weight of this stick at 26″ paddle length is 810 grams, then depending on blade pattern and paddle length the weight can vary of course.
    Michael, Fischer Hockey.

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