Is Actually Pro Stock?

Numerous people post fairly consistently asking about the validity of prostockhockey’s claim of 100% pro stock gear, or comment on how they have such rare and amazing finds. Thanks to various posts in Sports2k and on Proclaimed Hockey Equipment I figured it could be a good idea to have an actual page of information that is more easily accessible than finding a specific post. If I run across some new examples not covered below I’ll be sure to update this post.

While people have called out their Pro Stock sticks before, citing player’s sticks with flexes they’d never use, I am not familiar enough with sticks and couldn’t find any examples at the moment (I don’t exactly know what I am looking for) so I am going to stick to gloves in the meantime. If you have some examples feel free to contact me and I’ll add them here and obviously give you full credit for doing so.

It is also interesting to note that someone from is following the Sports2K thread about their new overseas produced gloves, as when new product were popping up, wise members on the forum were pointing out the difference between the older and more cherished Made in Canada gloves compared to the newer and less sought after gloves made in Asia. The biggest giveaways were the cuffs with the screened on logo compared to the overseas sewn logos, and the jeweled AX1 logos compared to a less flashy older version. After discussion on the S2K forums, prostockhockey’s newer items had the updated features that were being brought up earlier in the thread and all of a sudden more and more overseas Warrior gloves started popping up with screened logos on their cuffs.

Important Dates

Unfortunately I don’t have an exact release date of the Warrior Dynasty AX1 glove, but based on blogs talking about the upcoming release and Ice Warehouse’s video on them I am going to say they came out mid-late September 2014.

The following gloves are current examples of “Pro Stock” which are frankly not possible giving the time frame of the hockey glove world, let me explain.

Warrior Dynasty AX1 Pro Gloves –  Team Stock Buffalo Sabres

Here we have Warrior Dynasty AX1 gloves for the Buffalo Sabres, in a colourway that looks to be from 1 or 2 specific jerseys. Those being the 2008 Winter Classic where Buffalo wore their old style retro jerseys or the 40th Anniversary jersey that was worn from 2010 to 2012. Those jerseys can be seen below with their respective glove colourways. The first image shows Thomas Vanek in Canadian Made Warrior Franchise gloves in a the team’s default navy and sport gold colourway, specifically all navy with sport gold cuff. The second images shows Jochen Hecht once again wearing Canadian Made Warrior Franchise gloves but this time in a royal blue and sport gold colourway. The 3rd image is Hecht again but this time in Canadian Made Warrior Luxe gloves. So the first issue is that Warrior hockey was still make gloves made in Canada, and at the time of both of these possible jerseys, Warrior hockey was also making Franchise gloves and not the listed Dynasty AX1 which were not even close to being announced April 2012 compared to 2014. The second issue is that this colourway doesn’t match any glove colourway that Buffalo has worn. So how exactly did these gloves come from the Sabres locker room?

Here is the history of when these jerseys were worn.
2008 Winter Classic:

40th Anniversary:

Warrior Dynasty AX1 Pro Gloves –  Team Stock Calgary Flames #2

Again we have more Warrior AX1 Pro gloves, this time for the Calgary Flames in a beautiful dark red and sport gold colourway. This design and colours matches only one jersey the Flames ever wore and that was in the 2010 Heritage Classic. You should already see that the dates between when AX1 gloves were introduced and when this game was played to see the issues here. But let’s look at some photos anyways because these gloves are beautiful. First we have Mark Giordano in Canadian made Warrior Franchise gloves and then we have Robyn Regehr in again Canadian made Warrior Franchise gloves. So how exactly did these gloves come from the Flames locker room? I can only assume Prostockhockey went back in time and planted a new Warrior model glove in a corner somewhere just so they could purchase them and offer them up as “Pro Stock” 5 years later… At least they got the colourway right this time.

Warrior Dynasty AX1 Pro Gloves –  Team Stock Atlanta Thrashers

I mean, this one is as cut and dry there is, Atlanta ceased operations in 2011… but for fun let’s just look at some Warrior Thrashers gloves. Hey they got the colourway right for the last year, but since we know that these gloves again can’t exist (see those in the picture are again Canadian made Warrior Franchise gloves) they could’ve at least given us one of the nice colourways with the baby blue accents no? Also for fun let’s look at the first year of the Winnipeg Jets in the third picture, you’ll see more Warrior Franchise gloves BECAUSE AX1s DIDN’T EXIST BEFORE 2014! So how exactly did these gloves come from the Thrashers locker room?

Detroit Red Wings Laundry Bags

Again, very special thank you for Sports2K user darklight616 for actually showing the bags above that were sold at this years Red Wings equipment sale… which as you can see are nothing like the bags PSH is selling. No where is the Red Wings logo on these bags nor are the numbers in red sublimated onto a patch. But the most interesting thing here is the quantities of each. For some reason Datsyuk needed to have 27 (or more) bags ordered for him, Larkin needed 17 (or more), Zetterberg needed 27 (or more) and yet Drew Miller only needed 4ish, Riley Sheahan needed 3ish, and Brendan Smith needed 2ish. Now I put “or more” and “ish” for each of the totals since PSH has a live inventory total and at the time of screen shots those are the current values. Now unless Sheahan is EXTREMELY popular we can assume PSH did not have close to 27 bags sent to them by the Red Wings. So once again we have a case of ordering a unique product to meet their demand based on player popularity… unless the people listed above magically needed a new bag every home game.

Now, I completely understand this is going to make me come off as someone who is against Prostockhockey but my only issue about them is that they are flat out lying to customers who might not know better (and besides their ridiculous return policy of not accepting returns even though they screw up a description, and if they do they charge a restocking fee). If they simply said “Warrior AX1 Pro Gloves – Sabres Retro Colourway” and removed anything about getting them from a team then I’d have no issues with them. Remove all of the “100% authentic NHL pro stock hockey gear purchased directly from an NHL locker room” text and sell them as retail special makeup units (SMU) with unique colours and options that only you offer. STOP LYING TO YOUR CUSTOMERS, THEY DESERVE BETTER.

For many items on they are indeed actual pro stock equipment that was bought from a team or excess from a manufacturer, but just be wary of what you are buying as not everything is as they seem.


2 thoughts on “Is Actually Pro Stock?

  1. We don’t have a Hockey Stores in Seattle area and all our pro-shops were closed due Covid-19. There was no chance to go there and try the stick.
    I am not a hockey person. So I got a stick for my son and it appeared to be too long.

    Thinking to return it or exchange for the short one, but PSH has a “used car dealer” rip off policy:
    “RETURN POLICY Due to the limited availability, customized specifications and constantly changing inventories of authentic pro stock hockey sticks and equipment, we are not able to accept returns. Once your order is placed on our website, the sale is final.” It will be better to have Return Policy then have a free tape with the purchase. Compare to IceWareHouse 90-days Return Policy it is a day and night.

    If you don’t know what EXACTLY you want to buy and if you are non-hockey person I would not recommend this site. It will be safer to stay with companies with better customer service and the Return Poicy.

  2. My son had an injury so he was on the self from the end of November until mid January, could not skate at all until mid January but just light skates in practice. I bought 2 “pro stock” sticks December 12 for a Christmas gift knowing he wouldn’t be using them until mid January but it was a chance to buy “pro stock” sticks so I did. He used one of the sticks in 6 practices, no games, and the stick snapped, this is a brand new stick! Aware of the 30 day after purchase policy I reached out , thought they would see the circumstances in the situation and maybe give a shit about this stick they sold me. Just received the basic , 30 day policy too bad for you reply. These “pro stock “ sticks are supposed to be built to withstand the pro game and be stronger than the normal mass produced sticks anyone can buy in the stores. Don’t be fooled by the description this company puts on their products and the way they hide behind their policies. We still have one of these sticks that he’s going to put into service and we’ll see how it performs. Fingers crossed. Beware people.

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