Brians TeamBstar GN3Tik4Me Competition

#TeamBstar #GN3Tik4Me

Brians Custom Goal company is running a very interesting competition for a free set of Brians GN3tik pads and gloves. Since this is the perfect oppertunity for me to get a chance to review this set of gear I figured I’d toss my helmet in the ring.

Here is the link to the competition:

Here is my design poster:

My policies if I get selected are as follows:
1) Design vote chosen by the people. The pictured designs are the possible colour combinations, final designs will be tweaked and voted on through social media campaigns. You can help me match my team or your can make me look like a broken pack of Skittles.
2) Full written and filmed in-depth review of the entire GN3Tik set as well as the ordering process through Brians. That is at minimum 2 written posts and 2 videos for the blocker, catching glove, and pads.
3) Set Giveaway vote, once the review is completed a social media voting campaign will be launched to see if I should give back the entire set as 1 prize, give back the entire set as 2 prices (pads and then glove set) or give back the entire set as individual prizes for 3 separate winners.
4) Giveaway competition. A competition will happen with contestant telling me why they should win a piece of gear. The winners can then do what ever they want with their prize.

I am not running the campaign on memes or jokes, these are actual campaign promises and unlike real politicians no-one will bribe me to break these promises!

A vote for Hills is a vote for the goalie community.


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