NHL Reebok Premier Replica Jersey vs Authentic Edge 2.0 Condensed Comparison Review

Condensed Version

Full Version

These videos are a comparison between NHL Reebok Premier Replica jerseys, Indonesian Edge jerseys (only in the full version) and Authentic Edge 2.0 jerseys. Below is a run down of the differences I have found along the way, there will be more detailed posts and videos for each type of jersey as well as different customization.


  • Premier jerseys come in standard letter sizing ranging from Small to 4XL
  • Authentic jerseys come in numbered sizing, the Ducks jersey is a 60 (more info on the sizing range in a future video and post)
  • Premier made to fit like a shirt, more form fitting
  • Authentic made to fit over equipment and has more room


  • Premier jersey main materials is more coarse feeling
  • Premier jersey gets caught on velcro easier and is prone to pilling (example seen below)
  • Premier main material is thinner and lighter and slightly more elastic
  • Back material is the same on Premier and Authentic jerseys

Crest and Main Logos

  • Premier is the same as Authentic for the main crest (99% of the time, see full length video for example of an exception)
  • Premier crest is glued and heat pressed onto the jersey
  • Authentic crest is glued, heat pressed and then stitched onto the jersey
  • Premier secondary logos (Vancouver word mark for example) are glued and heat pressed onto the jersey with no stitching
  • Authentic secondary logos are glued, heat pressed and then stitched onto the jersey

Shoulder Patches

  • Premier patches are screen printed designs onto a patch that is sewn onto the jersey
  • Premier patches are very thin and the screen printed designs are prone to scuffs, rubbing off and fading away
  • Authentic patches are embroidered designs onto the main patch which is then sewn onto the jersey

Jersey Cut

  • Premier jerseys are cut at the bottom seam on the sides of the jersey while Authentics are attached all the way around
  • Authentics have double layered elbows and shoulders for added durability


  • Authentic jerseys have fight straps that are used to attach the jersey to a loop on the players pants so their jersey doesn’t come off and cannot be pulled over their head in a fight
  • Premier jerseys have “Jock Tags,” which are sizing tags located at the bottom left of the jersey
  • Premier jerseys have the manufacturer’s branding on the left sleeve of the jersey
  • Stripe detailing on Premier jerseys is often done with a second layer of material and is often a different type of material
  • Stripe detailing on Authentic jerseys is often sublimated onto the main jersey itself to decrease weight and bulk. Is usually made of the same material as the rest of the jersey
  • Collar detailing on Authentic jerseys is 99% of the time sublimated onto a single piece of material
  • Collar detailing on Premier jersey is sometimes sublimated, sometimes multiple layers of collar material.

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