Clap Balm Hockey Hand Deodorant


Personal Details
220 lbs
A-C level hockey
Price: $10
Included: Metal tin with 60 grams of deodorant

Preface: I have always had issues with smelly hands after wearing goalie gloves for over 6 months, and now it is more prevalent than ever since I play up to 6 times a week. I could never get the smell out of my hands and it would end up being transferred to clothing or pillow sheets as well.

Package: Clap Balm comes in a nice metal tin to tuck away in your bag. The tin gives away a quality feeling and the lid so far has stayed on well. The tin I purchased had some dents but that causes no issues.

Smell: Clap Balm has a citrus like scent to it that is very pleasant to the nose and had me going back for another whiff. When applied I was continually getting a pleasant smell coming from my hands because of the Clap Balm.

After Application: For testing I applied the Clap Balm to my hands and continued about filming reviews, taking photos and working on my computer. The Clap Balm hockey hand deodorant would leave greasy smears all over the screen of my phone and left an oily feeling on my mouse which I had to clean off with a damp paper towel. The feeling was similar to applying sunscreen to your hands and not properly washing it off, but washing off the Clap Balm would take away the point of the deodorant.

Diving Deeper: When taking a closer smell of my hands, I noticed I could still smell the distinctive hockey odor underneath the citrusy aroma of the Clap Balm. Which leads me to believe Clap Balm doesn’t clean your hands or actually remove the hockey hand smell, but rather masks it by simply covering the smell up with a stronger scent.

The Next Day: The next morning I inspected my hands again, I could still smell some remnants of the Clap Balm but I could also smell a bit of the hockey stench. The hockey stench was less than what it normally would be, so I will have to give that to Clap Balm there. The residue I felt the night before was also completely gone, which leads me to believe it rubbed off onto my bed sheets and pillows throughout the night.

Conclusion: I was looking for a product or soap that would completely remove the smell of hockey hands, since no matter how many times I washed my hands the disgusting odor of sweat would linger for at least a day. Clap Balm is not a product that removed the hockey hand stench, but rather is a product which masks it with a citrus aroma while adding a layer of grease to your hands. This product would be useful if you have a case of hockey hands and have to go out afterwards, but from my experiences it does not completely remove the smell. I am still on the lookout for a strong enough soap or sanitize that completely removes the hockey glove smell. I would recommend Clap Balm hockey hand deodorant if you need something to quickly cover the smell of hockey gloves before going out, but it is not the cleaning product I wish it was. $10 seems a bit much for only 60 grams of product as well. 5/10

Note: I will continue to update this post if my opinion changes as I will continue to use this product to ensure my initial feelings for it were substantiated.

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