Infinity Exosphere Goalie Stick Unboxing

Length: 29 inches
Curve: Heel (Alternate)
Stick History: Heaton Helite IV, CCM Heaton 8, Simmons Pro Series 6, Torspo Surge 421, Warrior Swagger, Vaughn 7600, Fischer GF750, Reebok Pro Return, Infinity Exosphere
Weight: 856 grams
Usage: 2 Games
Sizing Note: For paddle lengths I am going by the Infinity/Passau measurements.
Shaft Length Note: I was informed that my stick had a shaft length of 27.5 inches compared to the usual 30 inches. Infinity’s shafts will always be 30 inches unless state otherwise.

I reached out to Infinity Goalie, which is a branch of Kaleido Sports (they sell jerseys and have made the Reddit r/hockey jerseys in the past), to see if they were interested in working with me to do a review and write up of one of their sticks. Luckily for me John liked the idea and told me to pick one of their in stock sticks and it would be sent out.

Picking the stick:

  • Exosphere or Stratosphere
    • Most of my goalie sticks have broken or split apart on the heel and blade of the stick rather than breaking on the shaft or paddle. For this reason I decided to look at the Exosphere for carbon laminate wrapped blade, the carbon laminate wear bar and finally and most intriguing is the bus bumper material that runs along the bottom of the blade itself (where usually fairly exposed foam core sat).
  • Paddle
    • My stick history has been a very colourful one, where I try many different curves and sizes which revolved around me choosing a stick based on the best value I could get at the time. This also means I have experimented with different paddle lengths and have learned the pros and cons to a longer or shorter paddle, I believe I have found a happy medium of around 28-30 inches.
  • Curve
    • My previous stick was a mid curve, and I never felt like I had the control or ability to shoot off the glass with it compared to my old Simmons stick which had a Miller (called BU30) heel curve. Just like my player sticks, I prefer a heel as I find it easier to saucer pass and put the puck off the glass with my shooting motion. Infinity offers 2 different heel curves:
      1. Heel (Classic) which has a standard shoulder angle and a square toe which is said to be equivalent to a RASK curve or P34.
      2. Heel (Alternate) which is based off of the increasingly popular Price curve and has a sloped shoulder angle and a round toe.
  • Colour
    • I’m not picky when it comes to matching equipment and just try to find something that will fit me best or work best. While I prefer natural coloured goalie sticks to show the more intricate details of the stick and so the paint doesn’t have a chance to rub off on my pads (which was an issue with previous stick, but I obviously can’t comment on the paint on the Infinity sticks).
  • Final Choice
    • I ended up searching through their stock sticks in a 28-30 inch paddle length, since my previous stick came in at about 29 inches I figured I’d try to get as close as possible for comfort sake (and I liked the length). Wanting a heel curve left me with an LA Natural in 28.5 inches for the Heel (Classic) and 29 inches for the Heel (Alternate), I decided to go with the 29 inch LA Natural Heel (Alternate).

First Impressions:
Pulling the stick out of the box it felt lightweight and well balanced when playing with it in my hands. The curve is an aggressive heel curve and I was extremely excited to use it again. Since this is my 1st stick with a shorter shaft length I was curious if it would have a negative effect on my play, or if I would notice the difference at all.

The stick is covered with a nice gloss layer that shows off the carbon insert reinforcements and the exposed carbon laminate blade wrap (which I think looks amazing). The paint seems to be well done with little bleeding on the edges and the silver used is a beautiful metallic colour. I like how the graphics on the front and back of the paddle differ, something other stick manufacturers have started and to me is just a nice touch, the different graphic and the lack of carbon strips on the back of the paddle make for a very interesting contrasting look between the front and back of the stick. I noticed this when editing video of my first game with the stick, so clearly it does its job getting the attention of the eyes.

For my first time on the ice with the stick, my entire body felt stiff and was extremely sore. For that reason I didn’t get enough time in the warm ups to shoot with it and really get used to the my new Infinity Exosphere. Stopping the puck was an easy transition and I didn’t notice a huge difference between my previous sticks besides that I believe I like the sloped shoulder on the paddle more than the standard option. During the game I ended up flubbing the first couple of shots I took since the length of the shaft threw me off with the location of the blade on the ice since I was used to a longer shaft. Since I played back to back games, the 2nd game’s warm up was spent getting more accustomed to the Infinity Exosphere and the shorter shaft length when handling the puck. With a bit of practice I was quickly able to adjust to the shorter shaft and my puck handling went back to its mediocre abilities. I still haven’t had enough ice time to really get a feel of how I shoot with this stick, but I thought it would be important to document the slight adjustment period I had with the shorter shaft.

So far I have nothing but good feelings with my new Infinity Exosphere stick and again have to thank Infinity and Kaleido Sports for sending me this stick to review, its first game can be seen in the YouTube video below the pictures.

The contrasting paddle design.

The very pleasing metallic paint.

Close up of the carbon laminate wrap around the blade.

The stick weights a respectable 856grams. The added durability pieces (bus bumper and laminate wrap) increase the weight compared to the lighter Stratosphere.

Close up details of the carbon paddle strips.

More close up details.

Close up of the back of the paddle.

Look at the Heel (Alternate) with the rounded toe.

Look at the bus bumper material running along the bottom of the blade.

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