How to ACTUALLY fit hockey skates (yours are too big)

Almost DAILY there are hockey players online complaining about their skates hurting and hating the fit of hockey skates… often the case is their skates are simply TOO big. Hopefully this post and the video will help give people an idea of how a hockey skate should fit!

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Whether it be on Reddit, or Discord, Instagram, or a comment on my YouTube channel. People are constantly asking about skate issues and fit issues. More often than not, their skates are too big and they went off the manufacturers’ suggested sizing.

So make sure you check the video below to see A LOT of details on how to get a proper length fit for your skates.

There are a few ways to figure out if a skate is fitting your correctly, but by no means is this guide definitive and you still have to TRY ON THE SKATES and ensure they get baked!

One of the easiest tells of where you feet are in your skates, is looking at the toe imprints on the insoles. But this only works if you have proper heel lock in the skate as well. This also will do nothing in regards to how the skate fits width and depth wise, but will give you an idea of length. Your toes should be as close as possible to the end of the insole.

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When you have the skates with you for you to try on, you NEED to have them baked so the foams in the heels soften up and you can get a proper heel lock as well as allowing your heel to get as far back as possible in the skate.

Another test for length is to slide your foot forward as far as possible (you will have to remove the laces from the eyelets and pull the tongue up) so ALL of your toes are touching the end of the skate, and not just barely touching… but VERY snug against the end. Bend your leg forward so your knee is above your toes, and try and push a pencil or a pen down behind your heel. If you can fit a full pencil or pen between your heel and the skate, your skates are most likely too long.

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