Torspo Surge 421 Goalie Stick Review


This review is for the Torspo Surge 421 Foam Core goalie stick. I compare these a lot to the Simmons Pro Series 6 sticks I did in another review as they are very similar in construction and performance.

I also have a video made for all of the sticks I have reviewed so far. It includes: Simmons Pro Series 6, Torspo Surge 421, Warrior Swagger Emery Curve. I believe it will help show the pros and cons of each stick and will give a little more insight to just the written review.

Blade: I couldn’t find any details about the blade on the stick, but to me if feels similar to the Simmons lie wise and I believe the curve is a Mid curve like a Luongo stick. Made very similar in construction to the Simmons. This particular curve is not very well suited to my shooting style and I try not to handle the puck when I am using it (again I am not great at handling the puck anyways). 7/10

Shaft/Flex: These sticks are foam core goalie sticks hand have a decent amount of flex to them. My shooting style doesn’t really require much flex on the stick and I don’t feel the flex needs to be addressed much. The shaft chips after long usage (like any stick) but held up well considering how long they have been used for.

Shooting: From day 1 I could never shoot with this stick well. I have tried different methods and everything has ended up quite underwhelming. This could be because I am a terrible puck handler and this curve simply doesn’t work for me. But I find I have had problems with this stick more than any other one I have used. 5/10

Weight/Balance: This is one of the lighter sticks I have used, next to the Simmons and it is pretty close in weight, enough so that I am not sure I can tell a difference. 10/10

Performance: I enjoy this stick for its lightweight, but unlike the Simmons I find rebounds don’t always go where I want them too. I don’t feel vibrations same as the Simmons. 8/10

Durability: Here is the huge downfall for this stick. I don’t believe the stick itself is weak (although the original 1 I had chipped its toe on the very first slap shot I received, I believe that was a fluke), the paint on it is absolutely terrible. Every shot it takes more and more paint chips off. I don’t understand why they bothered painting these things anyways. The worst part is the handle, since the paint rubs off directly onto your gloves and if you have white gloves like I do they get stained pretty quickly. Besides the paint I feel these hold up better than the Simmons and stay stiffer longer. 6/10

Intangibles: I only found this stick in 1 curve and colour, and the paint chipping really sours me on this stick. My pads and gloves have noticeable marks because of this stick rubbing on them. That said it does look very pretty in its 90s Oilers colours of blue/gold/white. 2/10

Price: I paid: 2 for $120, Retail: $120

Overall: I enjoy these sticks, but the paint chipping is ridiculous on these. At the time they were the cheapest foam core sticks I could find so I was happy with them. Now that I know I can find Warriors and Reebok Pro Returns online for $50 each I am not happy that these sticks dye my gloves (and pads) so much. 2 for $120: 3/10, $120 1/10

I feel like I should say I don’t hate the sticks performance, but with the paint issues and prices of other sticks online I don’t see why anyone would buy these ever.


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