Simmons Pro Series 6 Goalie Stick Review


Here is a review of the Simmons Pro Series 6 goalie stick. These are the “older” model, the current model name of these sticks are Simmons PS9970 DA 35 and Simmons PS9970 BU 30 Goalie Stick respectively. Since these sticks are identical but the blade I figured I’d make a combined review here.

I also have a video made for all of the sticks I have reviewed so far. It includes: Simmons Pro Series 6, Torspo Surge 421, Warrior Swagger Emery Curve.

Blade: I have used 2 different blade patterns with these sticks: Turco- Mid curve. Lie unknown.
Miller- Heel curve. Lie unknown.
I found that I could raise the puck off the glass easier with the Miller curve than the Turco. I use a “Turco” style grip when shooting but I am not a great shooter anyways. The Miller allowed for shots to be higher and I felt it was easier to get the puck in the air with it. But that lead to some awkward long distance passes and the puck felt like it was floating in the air. It was more difficult to make hard, precise and low passes with the Miller than it was with the Turco. I found that backhands were pretty good in both with a slight nod to the Miller, I was able to lightly flip pucks over players sticks when using the backhand with the Miller with greater ease than the Turco. Durability of the blade is commented on below.
Miller 10/10
Turco 8/10

Shaft/Flex: These sticks are foam core goalie sticks hand have a decent amount of flex to them. My shooting style doesn’t really require much flex on the stick and I don’t feel the flex needs to be addressed much. The shaft chips after long usage (like any stick) but held up well considering how long they have been used for.

Shooting: When new I felt like I could actually handle the puck and that I was useful to my defense. I could easy get the puck up off the glass with power and could give saucer passes with relative ease. Now the only way I’ll hit the glass is if I flick it, and the power of the shots has dramatically decreased. When not trying to raise it I can only get to about knee height now. 10/10 (when new)

Performance: Even when in its current beaten up state I still love using this stick. Shots off the blade, paddle or shaft have never transferred noticeable vibrations. I have been able to control rebounds with it better than any stick before. On tough low toe saves or straight on stick save I have been able to deflect the puck into the air, which is a first for me. The light weight of this stick has also increased my arm movements and made me more active with the stick. 10/10

Weight/Balance: Lightest of the 3 sticks I have reviewed and lightest I have ever used. I found I was extremely mobile when using these sticks which lead to me having more active hands when playing. I’d intercept more passes from behind the net and I’d use my stick more often to deflect rebounds away from my pads. I never felt clumsy or encumbered when using these sticks 10/10

Durability: This stick is now extremely flimsy and “soft”. The blade feels like it could break any second and it might actually be held together with tape at the moment (I am afraid to un-tape it). But this is after a year of use 2-4 times a week. It started going soft after about 4 months. The handle is very chipped and splintered from pucks and from me hitting the posts when going to the top of my crease. Running your fingers along the edges of the paddle also produces splinters and the edges are very worn. Again this is after a year of abuse and the stick should be retired. (7/10 got ~4 months of the perfect stick out of it).

Intangibles: These sticks are quite attractive and well built. I wouldn’t get slivers when starting out with them (now I do since they are so dented and chipped because of long time use). These had a clear finish on them so I can’t comment on the paint chipping like I can about the Torspo. While you can custom order colours, buying stock only gave you 1 colour option per curve type.

Price: 2 for ~$130

Overall: This has been my favourite stick to use ever… when new. I still enjoy it but the things that made me love it have been worn out/broken down.
2 for ~$130: 7/10
Not factoring in money (in other words, replacing them every 4 months for ultimate performance) 10/10.


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