Welcome to my site/blog.

I am Matt Hills and this will be a centralized location for all of my reviews and videos related to hockey. This will be the hub for Goalie Equipment Reviews, Player Equipment Reviews, and game play videos while also being the location for small updates within those reviews.

About me: I grew up playing as a goalie in travel hockey until high school and the age of 14 where I then played house league until stopping when moving away and starting university. I got the itch to play again the next summer and couldn’t get enough of the sport. Wanting more ice time I decided to take up skating out as a player and thanks to Mod Squad Hockey (find them at modsquadhockey.com) I got the addiction to hockey equipment.

My goal: Before I purchase any product I always want to find honest opinions or feedback on it before I buy it. I work hard for my money and don’t want to waste it and regret the purchase later. Doing research on possible purchases made it pretty obvious that the majority of “reviews” were people reading off of a press release ensuring nothing negative is said about a product. I strive to be unbiased and fair when reviewing a product, and while I understand retail stores cannot “Review” equipment fairly I hope to be able to bring a more in depth and honest commentary on a product.

If you need to contact me you can send me an email @ hockeyreviewsca@gmail.com


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