June 19th 2016 Div 2 Summer Call Up Goalie GoPro

Thanks to reddit I got in contact with a Hockey blogger about a year ago who runs http://www.beerleagueblog.ca/. Luckily (for me, not his goalie!) his goalie couldn’t make it 0ut and I got to sub in and get more ice time in net! This game is against the team I subbed in for a bunch during the winter season, I played some of my better games of my life for this team so it is interesting to play against them now.

The first goal was off a weird bounce and I never actually saw the puck deflect into my chest, it left a bad rebound and I couldn’t get enough of my glove on it to stop the fluttering shot. I had no idea where the rebound really went or where the initial shot was coming from so I never really even tried to push over to cover the angle and just tried to stretch out.

Second goal I tried to ensure I played the bottom of the net well (which I did initially) in case of any tips or weird bounces, but I ended up getting lost. I thought I was in the middle of the net when I pushed out to try and cut down the angle on the shooter after the puck stopped before the net on the initial shot. Doing so made me too aggressive and made myself more out of position than I already was. I didn’t think my leg was far enough on the post so I tried to push it back a bit and reach back with my glove as well, this caused my pad to lift off the ice and the player slid it underneath me to tie the game at 2-2. Luckily the Welland Ducks were able to score with about a minute left and ended up getting the win.

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