Sniper Skin Hockey Grip & Blade Wrap Unboxing

Update: Sniper Skin has released a new version called the Sniper Skin 3 which has been reviewed and can be found here:

The Enforcer and Sniper blade wrap that can be seen in this post and video can no longer be ordered. As of June 2017 you cannot order the blade wraps in colours other than black and white.

I saw some interest in Sniper Skin products on ModSquad Hockey and Proclaimed on Facebook the last few weeks so I figured I’d bite the bullet and buy a blade wrap to give it a test and see if it is worth replacing tape for.

Sniper Skin was kind enough to send a Grip along with the Dangle style blade wrap for me to use and give feedback on. Since I just put my beloved Tacki-Mac onto my Warrior QRL The Grip is going to have to wait a little bit until I can actually test it out.

Blade Wrap: The wrap feels like plastic and was stiffer than I was expecting. It feels thick enough to make me believe this isn’t something that is going to rip apart anytime soon, but at the same time feels like it will not dampen puck feel. Putting the wrap on was fairly easy, except I didn’t cut off enough at the end of the wrap so the wrap ended up sticking up because of the excess material (see photos). This mistake was completely on me and I suggest you read the instructions more carefully than I did! So far I haven’t found this lip to be affecting my shooting, I can always cut it off but just left it the way it is currently. So far when shooting the wrap felt very similar to a normally taped blade, and if it lasts me 3 months it might be worth the hassle of not having to re-tape my blade every 2 skates since my tape is usually pretty eaten up then.

Grip Kit: I am a huge fan of Tacki-Mac and this Grip Kit seems like a more customizable option. It comes with 4 rubber rings, a foam wrap, and a thicker rubber ring for the top of the shaft to create a knob. The rubber rings and foam wrap are a good way to really customize how you wrap the top of your stick and to ensure they fit your hands perfectly. I used tennis grips (while playing tennis) with a raised wrap before and always found my hand and fingers never really fit into the grooves right and I always preferred a flat grip option, I feel Sniper Skin allow for a good deal of customizing the fit here. The grip it self is softer than the Blade Wrap and isn’t exactly tacky but it feels like almost a velvet grip feeling found on certain Warrior sticks. I also like how you can get custom text on the grip.

Below is showing the excess wrap, I should’ve cut it down more. It has not affected performance.

I will keep posting updates with this as time goes along and usage increases.

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4 thoughts on “Sniper Skin Hockey Grip & Blade Wrap Unboxing

  1. Tacki macs are awful, I just put a Kane style on my stick I shoot at home with and can’t even describe what a disappointment it is. Buttendz have spoiled me I guess. Tacki mac is bulky, feels like it’s got granules in it, it’s just junk and it feels like my stick is twice as big as it used to be. Don’t buy tacki mac, just terrible

    1. While I am a firm believer of allowing all feedback and opinions. I feel it necessary to state that I completely disagree with you. I do agree Tacki-mac feels a bit thicker than ButtEndz do, but I’d recommend Tacki-mac over the competition for the cost savings alone and it isn’t a terrible product.

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