Warrior Covert QRL Hockey Stick Shooting Video

Firstly this was my first time doing one of these videos so I was fiddling with the settings and camera placement. More will come in the future and should be higher quality than this one.

I’ve been using my Warrior Covert QRL stick quite a lot on the ice and outside on my shooting pad and figured I’d make a quick video of it. I am by all means not the best shooter or puck handler on the ice but that was never really my role on the teams I play for, and just shooting on the net doesn’t show everything this stick is great at doing. When I am playing defense and need a fast rim off the glass to get it out I have not found a better stick than the QRL for that task, it’s light weight allows me to easily maneuver the stick to pick out pucks between players legs in the corners and it’s Lightning Quick release allows me to quickly snap shots off without really having to think.

I’ve also added a Sniper Skin to the QRL as it is my go to stick and I am testing that out as well.

Once again thank you Warrior for selecting me to be a VIP, I am thoroughly enjoying my time with this stick. Check back here for more updates and videos.

While I also hate to promote my other things, it has become evident to me it is important to get a viewer base that will help me continue doing reviews like this (I can’t afford to always buy new equipment!).
So please check out my twitter @mattsave1 and follow me there (I post a lot of contests so I make it easier to win free stuff!) as well as my Instagram @mattsave1
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