Sniper Skin 3 Blade Wrap Arrival (Updated Version)

Sniper Skin sent me their updated Blade Wrap for me to try out and give feedback on. As you can see this one is vastly different from the original wraps that I have already used. While I didn’t see any actual names for the wrap I did notice on the packaging it being labeled as SS3, so I am titling this wrap as the Sniper Skin 3 for these review purposes. This is an updated blade that won’t shrink in summer heat through postal services and that has been made with feedback received from the previous versions.

This wrap feels less smooth and less like plastic than the previous one, it feels as if it has a coating that you can feel on your fingers after touching it. As you can see the design is to mimic that of tape and I must admit it is more pleasing to the eye, they informed me it can be customized but I am not sure to what extent. The holes are only a single row at the top on the front and back of the skin.

When applying the skin you no longer have to cut it, but just ensure a portion of the toe is exposed before shrinking the blade wrap onto the blade itself. The wrap sits fairly flush onto the blade.

So far the blade feels to be an improvement over the last one, but on-ice performance will be key here and you can expect to see a full video review and write up after I get to use it on the ice.

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The blade right out of the packaging.

Close up of the new blade wrap

Previous blade wrap

After shrinking

Back after shrinking.

Toe after shrinking.


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