Sniper Skin SS3 Blade Wrap Review

Full Disclosure I was sent this after my review of the Blade Wrap. Sniper Skin wanted me to test out the new version and report on my findings.

As you could see from the initial post here, the Sniper Skin SS3 wrap was very different than the Blade Wrap I used initially. It was softer to the touch and felt less plasticy. Since putting the new wrap on I have used it for 5 games so a little over 5 hours.

Shooting: The Sniper Skin SS3 was a huge upgrade from the Blade Wrap I used before, I no longer had issues shooting and I wasn’t whiffing all of my shots far right. This tape replacement product performed just like the tape it was meant to replace. The only time it had an effect on my game was at the end of its lifespan, but tape will also do that if it gets bunched up. 10/10

Stickhandling & Passing: I didn’t notice an changes to my game while using the SS3 wrap in terms of stickhandling and passing. 10/10

Durability: This section is where the SS3 and the previous Blade Wrap switch scores. After about 5 hours of ice the Sniper Skin SS3 wrap was beat up pretty badly, to the point that it started tearing on the edges and a hole formed directly in the middle of the blade which edged up bunching the material up in a clump right on the playing area of the blade. Now, this can also happen with tape and I completely understand that. But unlike tape I couldn’t just rip off the bunched up piece and keep playing, if I were to rip a part of the SS3 wrap off it would end up removing the entire wrap and leaving me with a tapeless blade in the middle of the game. After the game I had to fully tear the SS3 off my stick and thus effectively got 4.5 hours of use out of it. 3/10

Summary: The Sniper Skin SS3 is a HUGE improvement in performance and aesthetics (that doesn’t really matter to me though) over the previous more plasticy version, but lasting under 5 hours was pretty disappointing. At $14.99 + shipping I would be very disappointed if my purchase was already worn out in such a short period of time. While I understand I might have to re-tape my stick after a game, that is something that doesn’t cost anywhere near $15 for 5 skates. My other issue is the convenience part, because you have to boil water to apply the SS3 to your stick you must set out a time to do so before actually playing. While that is in theory easy, everyone forgets and because I won’t be bringing a kettle into my hockey bag I can’t put the SS3 wrap on before or in between games. 5/10

Note: Sniper Skin informed me that they have Junior A players that have used the SS3 for over 10 hours without anywhere near the wear and tear that was on my wrap. While I wouldn’t purchase another wrap I wouldn’t tell anyone not to. If you hate taping your sticks or perhaps are younger and less demanding on them perhaps this will be a useful product for you.

Be on the lookout for the Sniper Skin Grip review which will be coming soon. I am just awaiting on my next stick to apply it!

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Not a lot of damage to the back.

The bunched up material on the front.

Where the front hole started.

Top of the wrap, shows up the bunched up material.

Lots of wear on the toe.

Heel was splitting as well.

Another look at the heel.

More blade rips.

More blade rips.

More bottom of blade damage.


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