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This will be an overview of the difference between the Warrior Alpha QX and the Warrior Alpha QX Pro gloves. They are both pro level gloves but are made with different materials. For more information on the entire Warrior Alpha QX glove line please see the link below. This article will look at all the finer details including showing where different materials are used on both of the gloves.

Please note that the two gloves that are being compared here are different sizes, the red QX glove is 15 inches while the Montreal Canadiens looking QX Pro glove is 14 inches. Thank you again for Warrior for selecting me to be a Warrior VIP and sending me these gloves to review and take a look at.

Alpha QX Gloves – Full Line Details









The biggest difference between the 2 gloves are the palms (seen below) and the middle finger. On the Warrior Alpha QX the middle finger is segmented into 3 pieces while the QX Pro has 2 segments.











The main cuff of the glove is made in a similar fashion, embroidered Warrior letters with an second layer of embroidery as an outline. The cuff material itself is made of Dynasty Mesh. The Hybrid Flex Cuff is constructed the same on both gloves but the QX glove features Dynasty Mesh while the QX Pro features a more traditional feeling Tufftek 2.0 material.












The backhand rolls of the glove are pretty different in terms of design and materials used. The QX Pro has “Phantom” labelling signalling that the glove features Warrior’s Phantom foam technology. The QX Pro also takes advantage of this foam type but loses the labelling for a more NHL looking design. The angled lines on the QX gloves are made of a plastic like 3D layer on top of the Dynasty Mesh roll, the roll itself is accented with Warrior’s 3D PU material at the bottom of the top 3 breaks. The same angled lines are screen printed graphics on the QX Pro while the rolls themselves are made from the Tufftek 2.0 material found on the upper cuff. The QX Pro uses Covert Mesh at the bottom of the backhand breaks.






On the inner index finger the Alpha QX glove features a unique window like “Alpha” logo that is unique to the top end Alpha gloves, the surrounding material is Warrior’s leather like 3D PU. The Alpha QX Pro gloves features a more understated “Alpha” text in a 3D plastic like material (similar to the Alpha QX band hand lines) on top of Tufftek 2.0.








Both the Warrior Alpha QX and QX Pro gloves feature Warrior’s Axyflex Thumb. The Axyflex thumb is a 2 piece flex thumb which helps your thumb bend while locking it in place in the reverse direction to help protect against hyperextension. The QX glove uses mostly Dynasty Mesh with 3D PU accents. The QX Pro glove uses Tufftek 2.0 with Classic PU material for accents, this material feels similar to the material that goalie pads are made of.




The outside of the pinkie shows the gloves level on both models. The QX features Tufftek 2.0 while the cuff areas are made of Dynasty Mesh. The QX Pro features Tufftek 2.0 on this side of the glove.


The palms are the biggest difference between the Warrior Alpha QX and QX Pro gloves. The QX glove features a gray Digital material on the fingers and along the palm (under the outer overlay which touches your hand), with a black Clarino overlay with an embossed grip pattern. The QX palm is labelled “ProPalm+” and the black Clarino is the same material that can be found on the Warrior Covert QRL and QRL Pro gloves.

The QX Pro glove features an ivory Clarino base with an ivory Clarino overlay and is labelled “ProPalm.” This style of palm is more popular among pro players.

Both palms feel very soft and broken in off the shelf #ButterSoftFeel. I haven’t been able to tell a difference between the two yet with my limited usage of them. Teammates have said the QX ProPalm+ is a bit softer and more comfortable but I honestly can’t tell much of a difference. I also haven’t noticed if the hexagonal grip pattern makes a difference in terms of grip.







The Alpha QX finger gussets are made of a stretch nylon that gives the fingers a bit more depth to them. The QX Pro gloves feature a no stretch nylon material keeping the gloves tighter fitting in terms of finger depth. In my past experiences the stretch nylon helps with airflow compared to the no stretch material which is on my Warrior Covert QRL Pro gloves.



The inner liners of both the Alpha QX and QX Pro gloves feature Warrior’s famous yellow liner that has been treated with Polygiene. I am going to take a direct quote from Warrior’s to describe what this liner does. This liner is extremely soft and smooth feeling on the backhand.

“WarTech FNC liner for a fresh and clean glove life. Polygiene bath-treated foams, palms and inner liners wick away moisture from the hand and impede bacterial growth – which causes gloves to stink.”

Which Glove Should You Buy

Both the Warrior Alpha QX and Alpha QX Pro gloves are high end gloves that shouldn’t disappoint. Performance from both gloves is fairly similar and a few things should be thought of when making your decision.

  1. Preferred Palm Type
  2. Preferred Gusset Type
  3. Preferred Colourway

Since the QX Pro offers 2 colourways not available on the QX model (Montreal and Leafs seen below) than the QX Pro is the glove to get. Personally I’d be happy with both lines (and currently am very happy using them).





#WarriorVIP #WarriorAlpha #AlphaQX #ButterSoftFeel

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