Warrior Alpha QX & Franchise & Covert QRL Pro & Alpha QX Pro Fit Comparison

This is a quickish video and article going over the fit of the Warrior Alpha QX and Alpha QX Pro gloves and comparing them to a Warrior Franchise glove and a Warrior Covert QRL glove. The direct comparisons for the video will be the 14” Narrow Franchise compared to the 14” Alpha QX Pro and the 15” Covert QRL Pro compared to the 15” Alpha QX. Since this is a written post I’ll put the hashtags up here so it is easier to read going forward. #WarriorVIP #AlphaQX #WarriorAlpha #ButterSoftFeel

From Tightest to Loosest: 15” Warrior QRL Pro -> 14” Narrow Warrior Franchise -> 14” Warrior Alpha QX Pro -> 15” Warrior Alpha QX.

14” Warrior Alpha QX Pro vs 14” Narrow Warrior Franchise

The Franchise fit much boxier even though they fit tighter than the Alpha QX Pro gloves do, unlike the Alpha the Franchise feels as though your hand fits inside a protective shell with the fingers especially feeling like individual boxes for each segment. The softer materials make the QX Pro feel more roomy since they stretch more with your hands. This is very noticeable in the finger gussets.

  • The fingers on the QX Pro are tighter than the fingers on the Franchise.
  • The backhand under the rolls is more loose fitting compared to the Narrow Franchise.
  • The cuff of the Franchise opens up more significantly than the Alpha QX Pro does.

The important thing to note here is that these Franchises are the Narrow version of the Franchise glove, I feel as if the standard width would be looser fitting than the Alpha QX are in the backhand.

15” Warrior Covert QRL Pro vs 15” Warrior Alpha QX

The Covert QRL is an anatomical fitting glove while the Alpha QX is considered to be a tapered 4 roll feel. Both gloves have a soft liner that feels as though the glove can stretch more with your hand and doesn’t feel like your hand is inside a protective box.

  • The fingers on the Alpha QX are more roomy than the fingers on the Covert QRL Pro, but it is the most similar portion shared between the two gloves.
  • The backhand is more open in the Alpha QX than the Covert QRL Pro and doesn’t follow the shape of your hand as much.
  • The wrist and cuff is significantly more roomy on the Alpha QX compared to the Covert QRL Pro, partially due to the Axyflex cuff on the QRL.

These both feel very soft to the hands, but their fits are very different from each other.

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