How To Tape a Goalie Stick

Long Version:


Some goalies or players are very meticulous when it comes to taping their hockey sticks, I am not quite that anal. I only tape my goalie sticks when there seems to be significant damage to the tape or I need to inspect the blade of the stick closely for damage or wear.

Here is the process of how I tape my hockey goalie sticks.

What You’ll Need

  1. Hockey Tape
  2. Hockey Goalie Stick
  3. Scissors

The Blade:

  1. I start tapping my goalie sticks at the toe of the blade. I ensure there is tape over hanging the end of the toe to ensure there will be excess tape and a seal of tape at the end of it.
  2. Cut the tape and trim the tape around the toe to get it as close as possible to the blade of the stick.
  3. Starting as close to the toe as possible and on the back of the blade.
  4. Pull tape tight downwards towards the bottom of the blade.
  5. Wrap the tape around the bottom of the blade and pull tightly.
  6. Pull the tape towards the top of the blade along the front face and smooth out any wrinkles with your fingers. While pulling the tape up ensure it is brought up on a bit of an angle to ensure little overlap on the back.
  7. Pull the tape over the top of the blade and down towards the back of the face.
  8. Line up the tape with slight overlap over the already applied tape on the back of the blade.
  9. Repeat steps 4-8 until you are satisfied, it is all personal preference but I like to stop when the top of the blade expands towards the paddle.

When I do tape my goalie stick, I start at the toe and wrap the tape around the toe. While it won’t protect the toe from damage it has helded chipped toes together for a bit longer.

The Knob:

  1. Clean all stickers or price tags that might be at the top of the stick, since this style of knob doesn’t have a bottom layer your gloves will be resting on the stick itself.
  2. Place the tape at the very end of the shaft and wrap it around the top edge of the shaft.
  3. Continuing wrapping the tape and following the edges of the tape layer below it until you are happy with the height of the knob. I like taller knobs to ensure my hand doesn’t roll over the top of the knob and so it is easier to pick up off the ice.

Just the like blade, the knob is completely personal preference and you can tape it anyway you want. I feel this knob is a decent starting point.

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