Better than Superfeet? CCM Orthomove Hockey Skate Insole Footbed Review

Check out the video for the video review and to take a look at the insoles!

The CCM Orthomove footbed or hockey skate insole is an insole that comes with the CCM Super Tacks AS1 skates, CCM Also sells the Orthomove insoles separately and they retail for about $50 US/CAD. Previously CCM offered Custom Support Insole which were made by CurexSole and CCM offered 3 different versions depending on the desired arch support. 3 different versions means CCM only included 1 with a pair of skates (I only saw mediums) but CCM also included a very basic and totally flat foam insole that basically acted as a rivet cover.

The Orthomove has a removable (via velcro) rubber arch support in 2 different sizes (medium and large). These rubber pieces end up giving you a custom arch support in small, medium, and large varieties. Which instantly gives 3 options instead of the previous 1, CCM still includes a basic foam footbed/rivet cover with skates that come with the Orthomoves.

The Orthomoves just happen to be yellow, very similar to the very popular Superfeet Pro Carbons. They are both made with a closed cell foam, with Superfeet being a bit more spongy compared to the Orthomoves. The top of the insoles (where you feet actually sit) are covered in a nylon like material which again is similar to the construction of the Superfeet footbeds. Finally the underside (specifically the heels to about the midfoot) are made of a hard black plastic with carbon fibre like accents raised on the plastic, just like the Superfeet Pro Carbons, I cannot tell i the carbon weave is actually a carbon fibre material or just a pattern put into the plastic.

I wore the CCM Orthomove footbeds with no arch support in my left skate and with the high arch support in the right skate. One of the ideas behind Superfeet is that it keeps your foot from collapsing, so your toes pull back a bit as your fit maintains it’s arch (you can see the idea behind this by measuring your feet when sitting, and then standing and watch to see if your feet flatten/stretch out). When coaching I find it annoying when my toes touch my skate, but when I am actually skating with my knees bent my toes come off the end and they don’t bother me. I figured the no arch and high arch support in each skate would be a good idea to see if I could notice a difference in length between the 2 skates. After wearing them for about 4 skates as both a coach and a player I can say I never noticed the difference in lengths between the no arch support and high arch support, I could feel the difference in arches themselves but I believe they don’t fully keep my foot from collapsing, I decided to wear a Superfeet in my left skate and instantly noticed my toes pulled back slightly compared to the CCM Orthomove in my right skate.

Since I am not someone who has arch pain or issues when wearing hockey skates or in general, I can’t comment if the CCM Orthomoves will actually help with arch pain, I could definitely feel the arch compared to a more traditional footbed but I can’t compare if it would help with arch pain or not and I apologize for that.

I feel like the CCM Orthomoves are a solid hockey skate footbed or insole that is free with the purchase of a pair of skates, with that said I find it hard to recommend them when they are similarly priced to the Superfeet Pro Carbons as I find the Superfeet to be a bit spongier and they keep my arch from collapsing better than the CCM Orthomoves do. They are definetely a welcome addition to a purchase of a pair of skates and much better compared to the standard thin insoles that basically act as rivet covers.



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