Which type of hockey socks are best for beer league?

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My love for hockey jerseys and my experience with the tedious process of ordering beer league hockey jerseys has led to me working with JerseysMadeEasy.com to create this guide to help understand the different options when you are trying to outfit your team. All the prices listed below are in Canadian funds (hello friendly exchange rate for the Americans!) and are correct as of the publishing date.

While I suggest watching the video above, below I will go over the different sock types below and what I like about each.

Traditional Knit

If you have played organized hockey growing up chances are you have used knit socks. These are a traditional staple and are the cheapest way to get a hockey sock. There are a TONNE of designs available including modern NHL designs as well as classic and retro designs but if you don’t find a specific striping pattern or colours to your liking you can get custom knit socks as well. These are made in Canada by Kobe and come in 4 sizes (small to X-Large). While I am not a fan of the knit sock I understand these are loved by many (especially with the Velcro jock short attachments) and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Getting caught on every Velcro thing is one of my issues with this style of sock… as I found they would get stuck on my shin pads, pants, and anything in the bad that wasn’t sealed perfectly.

I am not a fan of these because I find them to be heavy, run hot, stick to the wet ice, and they have never worked in length for me being 6’3″. But again I understand why people like them and I have friends who will only wear knit socks.

Fully Custom Sublimated Socks

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JerseysMadeEasy offers fully customizable sublimated socks that are made in the same material as their fully custom sublimated jerseys. These socks allow detailed designs and even allow you to put individual player’s numbers on each specific sock. While I am a fan of this material and sock design these are more expensive than just going with a default design. If you have something specific in mind or very custom colours this is a great option. Sublimated socks are becoming more and more common and even the Adidas/Reebok/CCM socks used in the NHL and AHL use sublimated patterns instead of sewn on stripes.

I always found the durability of the jersey materials (which these socks are made of) to be better for me compared to the knit, plus they have the additional benefit of not always getting stuck on Velcro!

Premium Dry Fit Kobe Socks

Finally we get to my personal choice and favourite style of socks, the Kobe polyester socks that are made of the same material as the Kobe K3G Pro jerseys. The same material is very close to the material of the Reebok authentic jerseys that were worn in the NHL just few year ago. These also feature an anatomical cut that fits your knee and leg better than a straight cut sock. They also feature a Velcro attachment on the inside to attach to jock sorts. Like the knit socks from Kobe, these K3G socks come in 4 sizes, ranging from X-Small (18″) to Large (30″).

I love this style of sock because of the more durable material (in my experience), which also collects less snow that the knit versions. There are also so many different patterns available you should be able to match most custom jerseys with something that already exists, I also feel like generally you don’t need a custom designed sock and the stock designs can match your custom and complicated jerseys 99% of the time (no you don’t need lightning bolts on your socks).


That about sums of hockey socks. While you don’t need to have a full matching kit of jerseys and socks. Adding the matching socks definitely helps complete your team’s look and there should be enough options available for different levels of budgets.

Make sure you don’t miss my Which Jersey to Buy for Beer League Hockey guide and Screen print, sublimation, or twill? Which logo & number style to put on beer league hockey jerseys guides!

JerseysMadeEasy sent me these jerseys, logos, and number kits so I could make the videos and these blog posts to go over the different type of products they offer. If you make a purchase after clicking any of the links to JerseysMadeEasy.com through this page I will get a kickback which will help fund my YouTube channel and this website and help me continue making reviews and hockey gear content. I wanted to see the products before agreeing to this as I would never promote a product I didn’t believe in and one I wouldn’t want to wear or use myself.


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