2020 Goalie Chest Protector Net Coverage


I have taken a tonne of looks at chest protectors that have come out for the 2020 and beyond season. One of the most common questions I get about them is “what takes up the most space.”

Personally I think that question is ridiculous and you should be looking for protection, comfort, and mobility before worrying about the coverage in the net… but here is a bunch of photos and videos going over the different chest protectors I have looked at. All of these are size Large and I have adjusted the shoulder wings to be comfortable for me.


If you want to buy any of the gear on this page, please check out Pure Goalie. Every purchase through that link helps me run this site and my YouTube channel! If you are looking for player equipment you can check out Pure Hockey to help support the site as well!

I want to set a disclaimer that this is NOT a scientific study and these pictures ARE NOT perfect. I realized after I edited the footage that that the camera wasn’t always in the same position. I tried to edit the pictures to make the net the exact same size. I think the RVH position will give you the best example.


If you want to see me include other chest in these comparison and to review them, make sure you reach out to the companies on social media and let them know!

While I also hate to promote my other things, it has become evident to me it is important to get a viewer base that will help me continue doing reviews like this (I can’t afford to always buy new equipment!).

So please check out my twitter @hockeyreviewsca and follow me there as well as my Instagram @hockeyreviewsca and subscribe to me on YouTube


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