CCM Tavares P90TM curve comparison review

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In recent years hockey companies have released a modified blade pattern that takes a similar and popular retail blade (P28/W28, P29/P92/W03, P88/W88) and made added height until it was at the maximum NHL legal height for hockey stick blades. The idea was why not use as much surface area as possible to aid in knocking pucks out of the air and stopping bouncing pucks from bouncing over. I have used max blade height sticks whenever I could since they have launched and if I noticed a difference in the amount of pucks I am batting out of the air… someone with skill will probably notice it even more.

CCM’s response to the max blade height is the new curve called the Tavares P90TM, which is a fusion between the toe on the P28 and the rest of the blade of the P29 while flattening the bottom and changing the lie. While it isn’t a max height, it is taller than any other CCM blade offering.

I got a chance to use the Tavares P90TM when I did a Snap Shot review of the CCM Jetspeed FT3 Pro stick. I was VERY impressed with the blade and the transition from the P29/P92 to the P90TM was instant. When I was shooting and passing the more opened and aggressive toe from the P28 doesn’t really come into play, as the puck is released before the toe is used. But you can easily notice the bigger toe when stick handling and toe dragging. To me it seems like the P90TM offers the best of both the P28 & P29. I feel like there would be a bigger adjustment curve going from the P28 to the P90TM though as I feel like the shooting would be affected the most.

The other change that CCM made to the P90TM curve is the lie ankle and how much the stick “rocks” back and forth. The P90TM feels like it has a flat spot on the blade, compared to the other sticks pictures above which can rock along the toe to heel evenly, I felt more of a flat spot on the P90TM. In the picture above all of the sticks were sitting in a neutral position on their blades. I feel like this gives a good visual indication on how the lie and blade has changed on the P90TM so that more of the blade makes contact with the ice.

I also noticed the change when you would be reaching for pucks away from your body. The P90TM when on its heel has less of the blade sticking off the ice compared to the more traditional curves.

While the CCM P90TM curve has a taller height than the P29/P28 it is based off, the Bauer’s P92MAX still shadows the P90TM in comparison as seen above. As seen below the P90TM does have a slight edge in size compared to the curves it is based on.

Overall I REALLY liked my time with the CCM Tavares P90TM blade and next time I buy a CCM stick I will be choosing it over my trusted P29. While I am not sure the P90TM would make me skip a max height blade… it is nice that CCM has given us another option.

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