Throw everything else out! CCM Jetspeed FT3 Pro hockey stick review

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In the past I have been critical of CCM hockey sticks specifically because CCM had a release cycle that happened too fast, basically once a year. It wasn’t that CCM sticks were bad, but rather the difference between one iteration over the next wasn’t enough to warrant a new release. I used to state that you should wait for every OTHER year to purchase a CCM stick to ensure you get the jump in performance and features. For example I wasn’t impressed with the CCM Trigger 3D over the Trigger 2, but then the CCM Trigger 4 Pro saw a completely different shaft shape and I felt it was really worthy of the upgrade.

CCM has completely destroyed my beliefs by releasing the CCM Jetspeed FT3 Pro. CCM not only shaved significant weight going from 410 grams to 385 grams compared to the CCM Jetspeed FT2 stick by using their Nanolite carbon fibre, but they also managed to give it a quicker release and one I’d even compare to the Trigger 4 Pro.

Shooting with the Jetspeed FT3 Pro is what really blew me away. Not only was the stick’s release easier and quicker to get off, but I was able to put more effort into the shots while maintaining better accuracy than what I have with previous sticks. Usually, when shooting for targets, you let off some of the force behind the shot so you get better accuracy… but with the CCM FT3 Pro I was shooting as hard as I could and still hitting the pockets.

With the Jetspeed FT3 Pro CCM has introduced their answer to the max blade height patterns their competitors in Bauer and Warrior now offer. CCM’s response is the Tavares P90TM, which is a mix between CCM’s P28 and P29 blades. It has a more pronounced toe curve than a P29, from my experiences with the P28 curves I expected my shots to fly uncontrollably high… I was very surprised when my shots were as accurate if not more than with my beloved P29. I will have a video and an article about the P90TM blade and how I feel it plays in the future.

Now, because I haven’t gotten this stick out on the ice, I can’t REALLY comment on a few things and that is the puck feel and how the new P90TM blade works for passing and actual game play. CCM advertises their Jetfuel (JF-90) blade as featuring a dampened core and state that it is “X-Stiff” on the shaft of the stick… but their catalogue states it has is their “Stiff” blade option. I personally don’t feel like this blade is THAT dampened especially compared to the Bauer counterparts (think Nexus & Supreme). The blade feels stiff when shooting and you can’t feel it opening up when really loading the stick. But it still has a familiar pingy feeling that I have come to expect (and enjoy) from CCM blades.

I seriously can’t say enough great things about this stick… to put it bluntly the CCM Jetspeed FT3 Pro hockey stick is the best shooting stick I have ever used. The only thing I wish was different would be a texture grip but that is all personal preference and doesn’t really matter that much. CCM has a VERY impressive stick on their hands and so far in my opinion leading the stick game in 2020. CCM should be very proud of what they have come up with and I can’t wait to see what they will do next.

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