How is this worth $300? True AX9 goalie stick Snap Shot review

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I simply do not understand how the True AX9 hockey goalie stick is worth $300. It is heavier than the competition, vibrates like crazy and really offers no features either. I will say I absolutely LOVE the way the True AX9 goalie stick looks. The blue finish with the exposed carbon fibre is a unique visual on the retail level while I love the ghosted AX9 logo on the chrome part of the shaft and hidden away on the back of the blade.

Besides its good looks and the interesting paint splatter looking grip on the paddle and shaft the True AX9 goalie stick doesn’t have much going for it. Now since I haven’t used this stick on the ice I can’t comment on durability or just HOW much vibrations transfer through to your hands when you stop pucks… But after shooting with this stick my hands were numb and every time the puck touched the blade I could feel the vibrations translate to my hands. My hands were uncomfortable after the 1st round of shots with this stick… I didn’t have that feeling after doing 6 rounds the next day with 3 other brand of sticks.

The vibrations don’t lead to quality shots either. The True AX9 goalie stick doesn’t really offer much in terms of helping your shot. It doesn’t feel to flex as much as the competition and the second I switched to a competitor I noticed my shots coming off faster and easier. It was a struggle to get off good and hard shots with the True AX9 goalie stick.

If the $300 Canadian ($250 USD) price point is what you MUST purchase consider the CCM Axis goalie stick which will come in at the same price for a lighter stick and one that shoots better… Also consider the Bauer Supreme 3S Pro which comes in at $250 Canadian ($210 USD) and is lighter, cheaper, and shoots MUCH better than the True counterpart.

Let me say, I have no issues with True Hockey as a company. But I do have issues when I feel products are bad and lacking and something is going on at True to make this a constant thing. The True A6.0 HT goalie stick was also terrible and vibrated in my hands horribly, their zipper palmed gloves was a great idea that had durability issues and had quality control issues, their first line of protective was REALLY flawed (flat instead of rounded elbow pads…). I have nothing against the company I just don’t understand how these are the products they are putting out. This stick AT BEST should be priced at $250 Canadian ($210) USD and even then it is getting out performed by the Bauer competition at that price point…

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